位于伯卡西的哈特机械公司的员工是为所有类型的企业提供COVID-19防护的专家, 行业和餐馆.

他们的团队最近加强了对珀卡西市议会成员在公开会议期间的保护. 所有的防护装置都是在帕尔卡西定制设计和制造的.

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雄斯县私人实验室团队一直在他们的3D打印机上制造面罩,并已向多伊尔斯敦医院交付了800多个, 杰佛逊医院, Abington and St Chris in North Philly. 



法伯尔总成型服务公司. Quakertown附近 & 4月初,特尔福德的费伯酿酒公司(Faber Distilling Company)改变了伏特加的生产方式 & Gin to make Hand Sanitizer with 80% alcohol. They have been delivering cases in bulk to area hospitals, 警察部门, 消防部门, various National mail carriers in our region. Consumers can purchase this high-octane sanitizer online through 法伯尔sanitizer.com.

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拜耳的选择一直在为多伊尔斯敦医院和相关的退休社区生产织物口罩. 包括在这, 医院为他们提供了特殊材料,使其与N95口罩一样有效.

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装饰It was an unseasonably warm Saturday in early March. This often meant a good day at the store. I own a small gifting boutique in Newtown, PA called 装饰我.  It’s a wonderful little town that can take you back in time. You walk into the hardware store and think its 1950. 教堂的钟声响彻全城. 我和bte365手机版app的邮递员是直呼其名的,她甚至在bte365手机版app店里购物. 还有很多.

We opened six years ago and have done OK. Enough to stay open during the reign of Amazon. L始终提供优质的客户服务,真诚地希望bte365手机版app的客户离开时感觉良好. 这似乎是一门失传的艺术,我真诚地相信,这仍然是bte365手机版app成功的原因. I have made many true friends because of it. My family supported me from day one. And that’s what this story is about.

到了星期一,bte365手机版app就关门了. 关闭! 这似乎不真实. 我的第一个冲动就是继续营业. 否则bte365手机版app将无法生存. But the 政府 was now running the show. 我放弃了所有的控制权. 至少我是这么想的. This is where my wonderful nephew comes in. His name is Seth and if we survive, he gets much of the credit. 赛斯和我去骑自行车,坐在山上,他说服我建一个网站. “把商店放到网上”,他说. He would build it for me and have it up and running in a week. “He would hand me the keys after that.他照做了. 即便如此,这个想法还是令人生畏. 我不是技术人员. 

赛斯真是个多才多艺的人, 除此之外, he has a beautiful handmade furniture business. I urge anyone reading this to check out his craft – vitanovacollective.com. After Seth graduated from college, he set out to be a teacher. He substituted for a few years but could not get a full-time job. 他会是个好老师的. Since then, everything he has done is self-taught. Furniture and websites are just a few things he does well.

他说我需要做一件事,“给bte365手机版app的产品拍好照片。.” That would distinguish us from other websites. “Build a light-box, and just use your cell phone camera.“这是它. 这就是我的任务. “等等,? 一个“光?“对于非摄影师来说, 像我这样的, 它实际上是一个盒子, lined in white that isolates the subject. Oh you can buy a professional one, but shipping could take weeks. I crafted a makeshift one from a cardboard box and it works. Taking photographs turned out to be a tedious task. 这需要数百个小时. 在我写这篇文章的时候,bte365手机版app已经拍了500多张照片,未来还会有更多. 

This is where my best customer Diane comes in. She and her husband own Shelmet Plumbing. Toll Brothers is their biggest client. Toll Brothers was shut down in Pennsylvania. Diane offered to help stage and take photographs with me. 她和我一起度过了无数个小时. I could not have done it without her. She is no longer my best customer, but one of my best friends. 

任何一个经营网站的人都会告诉你,这成了一份全职工作——尤其是在刚开始的时候. This was a blessing because I now had purpose. My ultimate one being survival as a small business. This meant more photographs, descriptions, pricing, drop-down menus etc. - input, input, input. 它变成了永恒. 

My sister Lilly brought me coffee one day, 就像戴安一样, she has been with me almost every day. She is a hairdresser and has a keen eye for style. bte365手机版app的照片拍得很好. 她就像bte365手机版app国家的数百万人一样——她的收入来源突然停止了. Yet she shows up almost every day, with coffee, to help. 她是赛斯的妈妈. 难怪.  bte365手机版app比以前更亲密了.

装饰我霍华德拥有博伊德·盖耶标志 boydsigncorp.com. 他从一开始就和bte365手机版app在一起. 他的公司在街那头. Howard is one of our most reliable partners and friends. Over the years our evolvement required different signage. A quick phone call with him and viola the perfect sign arrives in days. 你看到, 霍华德本质上是个艺术家, so when you tell him what you need, 他比你想象得好. He is a caring and selfless person. I needed a sign to let folks know that we are now online. That’s him in the photo with our latest sign. 

These are just a few friends and family who helped me. Yes we social distanced – made things much more difficult, but at six feet a lot can still get accomplished. 我的客户、供应商和销售代表对这个网站提供了宝贵的反馈. And hey we have started to sell a few things.  I am so grateful for all the support. It was only a few weeks ago that despair reared its menacing head. Now my husband constantly reminds about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), 关键词搜索和博客. All foreign concepts before the you know what hit the fan.

简单地说, 没有朋友和家人,我不可能把bte365手机版app的业务转移到一个网站,以努力度过这场危机. 他们无私,像bte365手机版app国家的每个人一样背负着同样的负担和忧虑. 他们的爱和支持让我坚持下去,给了我坚定的态度,一切都会好起来的.

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火星鱼护理中心 , which ordinarily produces fish food and related products, has altered its operations to produce hand sanitizer. 两个交付, 总计2,400个16盎司的喷雾瓶——接近300加仑——被送到了中央巴克斯紧急医疗服务中心和宾夕法尼亚公共卫生防备局. 洗手液将被分发到巴克士县和全州的急救人员和医院.

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Mr. D t恤

Mr. D的t恤 沃敏斯特市, 增加了口罩, 一次性和耐洗的, and disposable gloves to their line of regular clothing.

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安泰尔·马斯洛律师事务所 & MacMinn, LLP)

安泰尔·马斯洛律师事务所 & MacMinn LLP), 美国多伊尔斯敦, 在他们的网站上建立了一个冠状病毒法律更新页面,客户和推荐资源都可以使用,以帮助他们浏览所有的新法规, 和福利. It is a rapidly evolving environment, to say the least.  Here is a summary which includes a link to that resource page.

冠状病毒的爆发几乎影响了个人日常生活的方方面面, 家庭和企业. AMM attorneys are monitoring legislative developments on the local, state and federal level as we continue to provide legal services. 请访问bte365手机版app的 冠状病毒资源页面 bte365手机版app提供总结, 定期对与此次危机相关的主题进行分析和立法更新,以帮助bte365手机版app的业务和个人客户及时了解快速变化的法律环境中的变化和事件. To contact an AMM attorney, call 215.230.7500或电子邮件 .

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冠状病毒法律更新: www.一个mmlaw.com/tag/coronavirus.html


44 .商业资本 蓝贝尔, 是否已动员所有员工专门管理工资保障计划,以帮助有需要的小企业客户. 他们的首要任务是帮助小企业主从最近的立法中获得融资. 

因为这个项目每天都在发展, 他们需要你们的耐心,因为他们继续接受和处理为小企业提供的工资保障计划,以减轻疫情对经济的影响.

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3月23日rd, Gorski工程,公司., Collegeville他被告知,一家服装制造商要裁员. 他们立即联系了一群在家中工作的工人,询问是否可以帮助他们在家中制作口罩. 他们继续每周获得口罩,并将它们捐赠给急救人员, healthcare workers and municipalities for four weeks now. 

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MFYI标志01 e1530037495238《bte365手机版app》的丽莎·乔, 沃敏斯特市, 帮助巴克斯县医用口罩项目为社区医护人员制作口罩.  作为清洁企业, 他们是关闭的,但接受了Bucks County Courier/Intellacorp的采访,关于在这个时候提供安全提示和技巧.  他们提供礼品卡供购买,作为礼物送给前线人员,以备将来使用.

在您重新办公之前,请联系服务员为您提供清洁和消毒服务. Return to a clean, safe environment. 

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鲍尔斯内尔, 有执照的心理学家        

35 3 320x400作为一名执业执业心理学家和巴克斯县CISD小组的成员(隶属于EMS), 鲍尔斯内尔, 美国多伊尔斯敦, is trained and experienced in psychotherapy and crisis counseling.

随着疫情和随后的隔离所带来的焦虑和抑郁程度的增加, she is able to offer services on a HIPPA compliant web site.  


204 Farm Lane, 美国多伊尔斯敦, PA  18901  | 


襁褓带来反面, Bensalem, has been able to successfully bring in over 50,000个外科口罩和KN95口罩,并直接分发给纽约的医院和一线工作人员, 新泽西和PA. “bte365手机版app很荣幸能够帮助这些英雄维护bte365手机版app社区的安全,海蒂·格雷斯·埃利奥特说.

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